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Frame & Cushion Repairs

Cushion Re-stuffing

Saggy Seats 

In the comfort of your home we can give your furniture a instant lift by re-stuffing your existing cushions on your sofa and chairs. A cost effective way to  breath new life back into the furniture you love.

broken frame.jpg
Frame Repairs

Sinking Seats

Do you feel like your furniture is not holding up to its end of the bargain. That sinking feeling could be broken boards, springs or structural seat damage. Save thousands on furniture replacement costs in on simple step. 

Recliner Repairs

Recliners Issues

Has your recliner stopped working? Did your handle break, motor stop working, stuck in one position? We do not service Lazy Boy recliners, can not re-stuff recliner seats, or replace mechanisms due to supply chain issues. 

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