Closeup texture of vintage brown leather

Leather Restore

Full Sofa & Chair Restoration

Sun Fading

Ink Removal

Acetone/Polish Damage

Soiled Spot Removal

Recycling leather. An old leather couch

Wear & Tear


Small Pet Damage

Small Rips & Tears

Leather cushion background.jpg

Saggy Seats

Seat Cushion Re-stuffing

Back Cushion Re-stuffing

Frame Repair

Seat Structure Repair

Parts Replacement


Frank Lucancia before and after
Leather Damage
20 Year Old Leather Sectional
Leather Ottoman
Dog Chew Leather
15 Year Old Leather Sectional
Faded leather
Leather Conditioning and Restuffing
Restuff & Restored
sofa repair 1
dog lick
cushion repair
Mickie Harris 3
Leather reconditioning craw
Leather stuffing